A Perfect Fall Day

Fall is my favorite time of year.


Fall is magical. The weather is changing from hot and steamy to cold and dry, but in between those extremes are beautiful grey days when the wind plucks the brittle reds and golds from tree branches. The scent of newly-used fireplaces perfumes the air and the wind whips your hair around in a striking way, making even the most mundane of photo poses extraordinary. There’s something about wind that adds a mysterious aura to whatever it touches.

Inside you await warm, spicy smells of a pan of fresh gingerbread, thick, soft spice cookies, or a loaf of golden, moist pumpkin bread with a steaming cup of tea. For dinner there’s always roasted root vegetables, a hearty split pea soup, or plump roasted sweet potatoes brushed with a maple glaze.

I love the crisp weather, the foliage, roasted root veggies, steamy tea…

…but most of all I like autumn for the colors. I’m all about the browns, the hunter greens, the camels, the buttery taupes, all of which evoke  many of my favorite fashion styles, such as menswear and equestrian.

I try to live a life with no regrets, but I have one fashion-wise already. A few years back I found a pair of beautiful spectator flats from Seychelles. They had a base background of hunter green, rough cloth with chestnut leather accents and a pointed toe. I didn’t buy them that day because they were nearly $100; too much for a high school sophomore. But every day since then, I’ve regretted not buying them. I fell in love with those shoes, but I can’t seem to find them or anything like it.

But I was pleasantly surprised when this season featured a comeback on menswear, especially the spectator pump. Perhaps I might find a suitable substitution?

In Italy this summer I quickly snapped a picture of this woman’s shoes in the Milano train station, because I knew I wanted those shoes.

And when I got back to the US a few weeks ago, one of my first purchases were these oxfords.

And to add to this, a little of what I was wearing today.


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